Sunday, November 11, 2018

Top 8 Adventures to Try with a New Wife

Are you in a flourishing relationship and looking for some ways to break the ice or heighten your relationship to the next level?
Here are eight adventures that you should try with your a new wife to strengthen your bond. Through these activities, you’ll get to discover many things about your partner, which you’ve never seen before. Not only that, you get to share the experience of traveling the world as a couple too.

Walk on the Glass Bridge in Zhangjiajie, China

Going for a stroll at the Great Wall of China sounds very romantic, but a lot of couples have been doing that already though. To elevate the excitement of your romantic stroll together, consider walking on the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge instead.

Doing so can be breathtakingly memorable and you can keep the conversation intense and fascinating, as you walk towards the other end of the 40 kilometers long glass-bottomed bridge. Those who are married to Chinese women must take this challenge to test their endurance and stability.

Trek Machu Picchu, Peru

Unveil the timeless beauty of a hidden ancient city in Peru, by trekking the Inca trail. Professional trekkers prefer to take a more complicated trail going to Machu Picchu and spend several days of hiking and camping at higher altitudes. Advisably, for rookies, you can take the one-day Inca Trail, although you may also go for the overnight camping option if you prefer.

You and your new wife will surely be fascinated with how the Inca have preserved their origin and culture. By going on this trip, you will get to appreciate nature, and learn the value of time and the beauty of the past.
Brave Ecuador Swing, Ecuador

Deep in the wilderness of BaƱos, Ecuador, stands a treehouse which was purposefully built to observe a nearby active volcano --- Mt. Tungurahua. More than seeing the majestic scenery around the place, is the enthralling newly-set swing hanging from one of the tree's skinny branches.

Swing yourself to heaven, having only a lone seat belt to hold you in place. It is a must-try for the two of you to swing back and forth and scream out all the emotions you have at the moment. It is both a memorable and heart-stopping experience.

Bungee Jumping in Extremo Park, Monteverde, Costa Rica

Forget about your fear of heights and try this extreme activity. Go bungee jumping from a tall structure, while connected to a large elastic cord. Once you let go and take that giant leap, you can let the rush of adrenaline encompass you as you share this experience with your new wife.

There are many good bungee jumping sites all over the world, but the one located in Monteverde Extremo Park in the highest in Costa Rica and all of Central America. When you are going out with adventurous Costa Rica women, be sure to include this activity on your next date.

The moment you jump, you can cling to each other and share the experience. The thrill of this activity comes from free-falling and the rebound afterwards, so don’t hold back when you take that big leap!

Skydiving at Pattaya, Thailand 

Skydiving is parachuting from an airplane for pleasure and excitement. It can be done individually or with groups of people. 40 to 50 seconds of freefall time can be experienced as you get closer to the ground from around a 4,000 meter elevation. A must-try skydiving experience is in Pattaya, Thailand, with beautiful weather all year round and sea views from 13,000 feet --- there’s nowhere better to skydive.

See Thailand through a bird’s-eye view. Float through the sky as you parachute down with your Thai date. Know what your Thailand woman is feeling at the moment, by looking into her eyes and sharing this wonderful and truly unique experience together.

Canyoneering in Kawasan Falls, Cebu, Philippines

Canyoning or also known as canyoneering is a water sport that involves a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, rappelling, and swimming.

There is a favorite waterfall among tourists located in central Philippines --- the Kawasan Falls in Cebu. It has several levels that you can experience with increasing difficulty. It is an ideal place to spend an adventurous date with Cebu women. Exhaust your body and test your physical strength.

Diving with the sharks in Guadalupe Island, Mexico

A small island in the Pacific Ocean some 165 miles southwest of Ensenada in the upper region on Mexico's Baja California, is an island where hundreds of sharks have made it their habitat. This area has set the record for having the most unprovoked attacks on humans and is mainly inhabited by the great white shark --- the most dangerous species of its kind known to man.

There are only a few spots on earth where great whites can be seen in such numbers and in such visibility. It’s best to visit during the months of August to November, since this is considered Guadalupe’s shark season. If you and your Mexican date are into diving or underwater activities, this can be a fresh experience for both of you. You don't just dive here, you get to swim with sharks surrounding you as well.

Sleep for one night at The Stanley Hotel, Colorado

While spending one night at a hotel might not seem at all exciting, it can be when the establishment is a well-known haunted hub. In Colorado, U.S. there stands a long-built Colonial Revival-style hotel that first opened its doors in 1909. Locals refer to it as “Disneyland for ghosts” and Stephen King, an award-winning author of horror and supernatural fiction, even based his book The Shining on the haunted hotel.

Several guests tell ghost stories of their own; reporting lights flickering on and off, doors abruptly slamming shut, seeing shadows, experiencing chills, and hearing the laughter of children despite not having any kids listed as guests. For a bone chilling experience, stay at one of the rooms at the 4th floor in Stanley Hotel. You can hold each other in bed for the night, as you experience the horror firsthand.

Limiting your relationship by going through the same, monotonous experiences is a common mistake that most couples do. Instead of getting stuck in the daily grind, make wonderful memories with your new wife instead. Explore new locations and in the process, learn more about each other as well. In doing so, you get to see a whole different side of her and can appreciate all the aspects of her personality, you previously were unaware of as well.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Ways To Avoid Cheating In A Relationship

Whether the couple is still dating or is now living the married life, cheating can still be inevitable for some people. This issue has been going on long enough, that people have created stereotypes on this type of behavior. Due to stereotyping, most will readily think that only men are capable of doing such thing. However, the truth is, women can also do the same.

Although the issue of infidelity has been going on for centuries, it has become more rampant nowadays due to technological innovations. The advancement of today’s technology has given individuals a wider avenue to cheat on their partners through the use of social media apps and websites. In fact, some have even searched for beautiful, foreign women via the internet while they are still in a relationship.

Regardless of these innovations however, the choice to cheat or remain faithful is still up to the individual involved. So how do you prevent cheating? Here are some ways to avoid cheating in a relationship:

Be open with your partner.

Maintaining good communication is always essential in every relationship. Establishing an environment where both of you can talk honestly with each other is the key toward keeping a healthy relationship. It creates an open avenue for both of you to talk about what you like and dislike about your relationship.

Whether your communication medium is face-to-face, virtual, or through a foreign marriage agency, you still have to make the best out of your conversations together. This way, you can grow together and improve upon your relationship. As a result, it prevents the other person from considering the idea of looking for someone else who is better.

Continue to appreciate each other.

In the course of your relationship, you will grow familiar with one other. You will feel more comfortable having each other around and this is where the phrase “familiarity brings blindness” comes in. As months turn to years, you will get used to each other and will end up overlooking the things that both of you once appreciated.

This is when the sparks you had before will begin fade. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Once you feel like those sparks are slowly fading away, remember what made you fall for that person in the first place. This way, you will learn to continually appreciate each other and avoid seeking affection and appreciation from someone else.

Spice up the level of intimacy in your relationship.

Because most couples get so familiar with each other, they tend to overlook the level of intimacy that they have. Intimacy is an area of the relationship that should not be taken for granted or worse, neglected. You should make time for each other. Initiate the move if you have to.

Remember to be open-minded in trying new things out, in order to create and recreate feelings. Cherish each other the way you did when you first dated. Be open to new ideas, experiment, and make sure to take plenty of romantic rendezvous. This helps you avoid looking for something new with someone else.

Find new things to love about your partner.

There will come a time in your relationship when both of you will get bored of each other. You’ll get too familiar with the things that your partner does and might even consider certain actions or conversations as mere routines in your life. When you find yourself in this situation, look for a new angle.

Explore and discover more about your partner; always find new things to love about him or her. You’ll be surprised with how much more there is to know about each other. Taking the time to engage in deep conversation to get to know one other more, prevents the other from seeking a romantic relationship from a different person.
Have a common goal in the relationship.

The lack of relationship goals can eventually result into falling out of love. Having personal goals can guide you individually as to where you want to be, but the tendency is that you may fall apart by going on separate ways.

It is much better to agree on a common goal, so both of you will be guided on which path to take in your relationship. This can strengthen your connection and your bond, as time passes by. Through this, both of you will look forward to the kind of future you will be building together.

Be each other’s confidant.

Life is tough and it can somehow crumble us down; that is why we all need a confidant whom we can lean on. When we fail to be our partners’ confidant, they will look for a safe haven from someone else and this is when cheating begins.

To avoid this in a relationship, we should be each other’s own safe haven by providing comfort and warmth. We should be able to comfort them and make them feel they are not alone and are deeply valued as well.

Remember the long-term consequences.

Ever heard of the phrase “karma is the worst enemy”? This phrase is most applicable in this type of scenario. Imagine if you cheated on your partner right now. Later in your life, you’ll have kids, they’ll grow up and eventually, they’ll be in a relationship of their own. Then, you come to find out that they have been cheated on the same way you cheated on your partner now.

How would you feel? Would you be happy? Surely not. Would you want them to go through the hardships that you and your partner did after the deed was done? If the answer is no, you need to ask yourself why you would even bother doing it in the first place, since it will only bring about a high amount of hurt and resentment in the long run. Your actions not only affect you and your partner, but the children you bring into this world as well.

Cheating is a choice that is within our control, and is a mistake that people unknowingly commit without proper consideration of others. Nonetheless, one must keep in mind that the choice is always up to us, whether we do it or not. If you ever find yourself in the midst of committing this mistake, just remember the law of interaction, which states that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

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